Sunday Morning Adult Education 9:15-10:15

The Third Well - Room 200
We cover a variety of topics, with a variety of speakers. Upcoming explorations will include an examination of Eastern Orthodoxy - its history, current organization, demographics, and religious practices, taught by Mike Ervin, followed by a one week September 24th visit from Susie Frerichs with a talk on "Transforming Mexico with the Gospel." Then a two week presentation by Carol Friesen called "Following Christ in a Consumer Society".  Get our class schedule here.
Leaders Mike Ervin and Charlene Heydinger.

Contemplative Christianity - Conference Room
The Contemplative Christianity class will be exploring and discussing God's incarnational love for mankind.
Led by Phil Haag

Faith and Family - Ross Hall (Downstairs)
This class will explore studies that challenge and support our growth as Christian disciples, parents, spouses and friends.
Led by Randy Spencer, Robyn Veal, and Scott Ramsower

Fall Marriage series: The Soul of Marriage - Room 205
This class will kick off with an exploration of spiritual and psychological prespectives on marriage, including scripture, Christian tradition and psycholgy.
Led by Nancy and Mike Douglas with Guest Teachers, Claire Berry and Sam Cangelosi

Notes for the Road - Chapel
Bible study and discussion on the morning's sermon. This is built around the Walking with Jesus series concerning our "walk" with Jesus as individuals and as a church.
Led by Stacy Ikard and friends.

The Journey - Room 201
Come and join this great group as the read scripture together and apply it to their lives!
Led by Rod Welsh and Jarrett Anderson.

Thursday Pastor Bible Study

Thursday Pastor's Class - Room 200
Open to all! Join associate pastor, Claire Berry, to read through the book of Acts from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Weekday adult Bible Studies

Bible studies for Women here.

Bible studies for Men here.