Sunday Morning Adult Education 9:15-10:15

The Third Well - Room 200
Led by Mike Ervin and Charlene Heydinger. The class will examine the Bible as a book, and in doing so learn the history of its development. They will learn about the importance of languages, cultures, translations, copying, and patterns of interpretation, the changes wrought by new technologies, and the multiple effects on the Bible of watershed events – the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and Modernity. Overall – how did we get the book we now have?

Contemplative Christianity—Conference Room
Led by Phil Haag, this class fosters practices to invite God’s presence into everyday life. They will study how the church can be a place of healing and transformation, where we can experience the divine, and connect the spiritual with the religious.

Covenant Class - Room 202
Come join this great group as they read scripture together and apply it to their lives!
Led by Rod Welsh and Jarrett Anderson.

Thursday Pastor Bible Study

Thursday Pastor's Class - Room 205 - 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Open to all! Join Associate Pastor, Claire Berry, currently studying Ecclesiastes.

Weekday adult Bible Studies

Bible studies for Women here.

Bible studies for Men here.