The Financial Counseling and Coaching Ministry is open to all ages, income levels and circumstances.  With over 20 years of respective experience in accounting and finance, as well as ministering to hundreds of people in financial counseling, Paul and Rebekah Bonde have a heart for teaching personal finance and creating a dialogue about stewardship.

It is important for the Christian community to embrace an open dialogue about money as a discipleship issue.  The ministry exists for a variety of topics and circumstances, including learning how to budget, having an accountability partner in developing financial discipline, education about financial instruments and best practices to achieve goals, as well as financial crises.  Counseling occurs in a strictly confidential environment where counselees feel safe to discuss their issues candidly.

Money is often an uncomfortable topic in church.  It’s the last taboo.  The Bondes want to change that.  With over 2,300 Biblical references to money and financial management, this is a topic God clearly expects us to take seriously.  The challenge is how to implement these age-old principles in modern life.  

For more information about the WHPC Financial Counseling and Coaching Ministry, please contact Paul and Rebekah Bonde.