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What is mission?

As Christians, we are called to witness to God’s love and grace in our local community and around the world. Whenever we pray for our neighbors, share the gospel in our words and actions, serve those in need, or simply live by the kingdom values of justice, love, and peace, we are engaged in mission.

WHPC is committed to mission that is open, attentive, and compassionate toward all. We seek to forge strong relationships both locally and globally, and to collaborate in ministry whenever we can. Most of all, we seek to love others well, with gratitude for the grace we have received in Christ.

Here’s how you can join in. (Linked to Get Involved)


Get Involved



Every August, Manos de Cristo provides over 2,000 underserved children with school supplies and clothing so they will be ready for the first day of school. On Thursday August 2, WHPC will have a chance to be a part of this amazing program. Sign up today and join us in August to distribute supplies, lead a craft project for the kids, and enjoy fellowship with our East Austin neighbors. And even if you can’t serve, consider donating a children’s book for the event—more information coming soon!

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What’s the deal with those blue bags? Every month, our congregation shops for groceries to fill the Manos de Cristo food pantry in East Austin. By buying food, household supplies, and $5 HEB gift cards, we give critical help to our neighbors who struggle daily to make ends meet. Whether you’re a longtime blue-bag shopper or you’ve never tried it, we challenge you to participate this June. It makes a big difference: last year, the food pantry served nearly 4,500 people, including over 2,000 children. More than 700 blue bags, filled by our congregation, were a part of that. So grab a bag this week, and return it next Sunday, June 17.

This month’s shopping list: shampoo, bar soap, cooking oil, cereal, pancake mix & syrup, jelly, toothpaste, and $5 HEB gift cards.

Feel free to purchase as many cans, boxes and bags as you would like. Smaller serving size is usually best.


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