The Environmental Stewardship Team acknowledges that God has entrusted us with His creation and it's resources, and is committed to working with the WHPC family and provide ways to conserve and protect those resources.  

Here are just a few of those ways:

  • Recycling containers located throughout the WHPC campus.
  • Large paper recycling container located in the parking lot.
  • Real mugs are available for your fair trade coffee on Sunday mornings.
  • Ministries are encouraged to real dishes and flatware for their events.
  • The WHPC campus has many energy efficient elements.
  • The WHPC office recycles, and uses electronic media whenever possible.
  • Computer recycling, through Austin Samaritans, is encouraged.

Anyone with an interest in environmental ministry is welcome on our team!  If you have questions or ideas about sustainable living as a faith community, contact Nancy Douglas or Laurie Works.  Get a list of Green Resources here.