2016 Christmas Eve Offering

WHPC is proud to partner with Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS) and Colegio Cristiano Presbiteriano (CCP).  PCHAS and CCP have been chosen as the recipients of this year's Christmas Eve Offering.

PCHAS provides Christ-centered care and support for struggling children and families through adoption, single parenting programs, child and family programs and foster care.  Your gift will help build and furnish a Family Room to be sued for therapeutic interventions.

CCP serves children in extreme poverty in Barrio hialeah, Managua, Nicaragua, providing education for pre-K through 10th grade.  In 2017 an 11th grade class will be added - the highest grade in Nicaraguan schools.  Your gift will help keep these children safe by completing a security wall at the school.

Your gift to the 2016 Christmas Eve Offering will be life-changing for children and families right here in the Austin area and across the world.