Community First! Update

So much is going on at Community First! Village.

Since June, we have moved 26 new friends off the streets into micro-homes and we will continue to move 2-3 people in each week.  We continue to monitor the list for move-in dates and will notify you as soon as a home has been selected.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process. 

This fall will be very busy and you are always welcome to come out,  bring friends and shop in the newly opened Community Market stocked with Goodness Gear, amazing artwork, bottle openers, homemade soap and lip balm (from goat's milk). 

Please take a moment to watch our latest video:  Community First! A New Movement.  We are truly grateful for all you have done to help make this happen.

Donna Emery, Development Director
Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Here are some ways you can be involved at Community First! Village:

Community Table - our newest opportunity.  This is perfect for anyone looking for another way to contribute to building community at the Village.  Volunteers are needed to help build this critical new space.  Learn more about the Community Table here.

House Blessings - our favorite celebration of the week! Every Saturday at noon in the Community Kitchen area (near the windmill). Very casual and everyone is invited.  More details here.

House Essentials - help welcome our new neighbors by supplying their homes with basic essentials to help ease the stress of moving.  This is a great opportunity for groups. See the list of items and sign up here.