The Music Ministry of WHPC supports and enhances the worship experience by sharing Christ's love through music of varying styles and genres.

The mission of WHPC's Music Ministry is to:

  • Express our love for God through music.
  • Use and improve our musical gifts.
  • Grow in fellowship with one another.
  • Enjoy the gladness of praising the Lord together

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Ensemble VIII October-18-01.png

Ensemble VIII:

From Ghetto to Palace Gates

Thurs., Oct. 18, 2018 – WHPC Sanctuary
The eighth season of Ensemble VIII opens with music by the Italian Jewish composer Salamone Rossi. Jewish Music in the Italian Court features Rossi’s secular Italian madrigals and sacred Jewish music (set in Hebrew) whose musical compositions stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Italian giants Monteverdi, Wert, and Viadana.


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