Mission Blog Kickoff: Mobile Loaves and Fishes!

Welcome to the WHPC Mission Blog!  We’re glad you’re here and hope that you will find the information in our blog posts interesting, informative, and inspiring—and maybe even a little entertaining!

Our goal is to provide a place where we can share experiences and stories from mission partners and our congregation as we go out into the world to share the love, joy and hope of Jesus Christ.  

As this is our first post, it seems only right to share the experiences of the teams who participated in our first Mobile Loaves & Fishes food truck run back in October.  What makes this even more special is that these stories have been written by several young people in church.

If this article inspires you to participate in the MLF truck run ministry, we hope you will sign up for an upcoming make-ready or truck shift in 2019.  No experience necessary!

We hope you enjoy our first blog installment and look forward to sharing other mission stories with you!


Make Ready Shift
by Kristie and Katie Min


On October 7th, joined by our dad, we had the opportunity to help make the sandwiches that would be taken on the Mobile Loaves and Fishes truck run later that afternoon. We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, along with ham and cheese sandwiches. We worked as a team together with our dad, Ms. Beth, Ms. Kim, Mr. Matt, and Pastor Claire. We made a ton of sandwiches by first laying out the bread, putting together the ingredients, then packaging them in Ziploc bags as an assembly line.

After making the sandwiches, we cleaned up the area and helped load up the truck. We had started the whole project by praying together that the food we made would help the people that would be receiving it, and that the people would feel God’s love. It only took a little over an hour for us to complete the entire project. It was a fun, easy experience, and it is very rewarding for us to know that our work has helped feed many people.


Truck Run
by Henry Files

Mobile Loaves and Fishes Truck Run WHPC

This activity was a fun way to help people that live along the streets. I went on a truck run with Mobile Loaves and Fishes with my family and our leader named Beth.

The moment we arrived, we helped load the truck. We packed lots of food like oranges, sandwiches, sweets, and water. We also packed socks and toiletries. After that, we got in the truck and set off for our first destination. We finally found our destination but found no people. We drove around but eventually gave up and went to the next stop.

We soon found a lot of smiling men sitting by the road waiting for the truck. We loaded bags with food and handed them out. It was fun to hear how much they appreciated it. One man was disabled with no hands and only one leg, but he still seemed grateful for our help. I put the handle of the bag over his wrist. Once our job was done, we piled into the truck and took off.

 We soon turned into our last stop. After about 20 feet of driving, kids were running from their homes after us. We soon had kids holding onto the truck, so we had to come to a stop. We opened the flap and revealed all we had. We gave the kids what they asked for, and they went away with smiles stretched across their faces. After all the kids went back to their homes, we went down the block and found some stragglers that missed out on the fun. We served them and set off.

At that point we were desperate. We had so much food left and didn't know who to give it to. We went out onto the main street to look for some more homeless people. We eventually settled on a place next to a library. A lot of people came in looking happy and went out looking even happier. We gave our last few bits to some more people panhandling along the highway. Mission accomplished! We had done it, and we had improved the lives of many people that day.


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